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Sacral Sights of South Moravia

Day 1. Brno

Guided tour of Brno centre – Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, marketplace, tomb of Capuchin monastery, Old and New Town Hall, Minorite monastery and Church of Sts. John, Church of St. James, in the afternoon, visit of Old Brno monastery with the G. Mendel Museum of Genetics together with visit of Basilica of the Ascension of the Holy Virgin. In the evening, optional dinner in Spilberk Castle wineroom.

Day 2. Tišnov – Boskovice –Rájec Jestřebí – Křtiny

After breakfast, departure to Předklášteří at Tišnov for a visit of Basilica of the Ascension of the Holy Virgin in Porta Coeli Cistercian monastery, founded by Queen Constance in 1233. After the sightseeing, drive to Boskovice and visit of old Jewish Quarter with synagogue, spa and cemetery. The former ghetto, a unique urban complex, is part of the town’s historic reserve. In the afternoon visit of Rájec – Jestřebí Chateau with large park and one-of-a-kind collection of camellias. The chateau is from the half of 18th century and a rare example of architecture in Luis XVI style in Moravia. Their abundant library and picture gallery are worthwhile. The last stop is in Křtiny where there is a marvellous pilgrim Church of Saint Marry by a baroque architecture genius Jan Santini.

In the evening, optional dinner in Pegas beer house.

Day 3. Moravský Krumlov – Znojmo

After breakfast, departure to Moravský Krumlov, where the famous Slavonic Epopee collection by notable secession painter Alfons Mucha is housed. Slavonic Epopee is made up from 20 monumental canvases depicting moments from history of Czech and other Slavonic nations. On the way to Moravský Krumlov there is a possibility for a short stop in Dolní Kounice where remnants of Rosa Coeli Premonstratensian Monastery from 12th century can be found.

In the afternoon follows the tour of Znojmo, former king’s city, Rotunda of St. Catherine, whose wall paintings are the oldest in the Czech Republic. They show images from life of the Přemyslids. Then visiting of Louka Premonstratensian Monastery, founded at the end of 12th century, which is nowadays a museum of vineculture.

In the evening, optional visit of wine-cellar in Šatov combined with tasting of wine and dinner.

Day 4. Mikulov – Lednice-Valtice – Mikulčice – Hustopeče

After breakfast, departure to Mikulov, a picturesque border town lying on the historical Amber Route, former seat of Moravian rabbi. Follows a walk in the historic centre, sightseeing of the Jewish cemetery and chateau park. After the noon is a visit of Lednice-Valtice grounds, tour of Lednice Chateau, summer residence of the Lichtenstein house. Another stop is in Mikulčice, one of the two supposed seats of Great Moravian princes, seeing the exhibition, national cultural monument.

On the way back to Brno there is a short stop by modern Church of St. Wenceslas and St. Ann the Czech, a two storey church on the groundplan of spiral.

In the evening, optional dinner in Stará Pošta restaurant, Pozořice, with museum of Napoleon battle at Austerlitz, 1805.